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KathyB - independent female hookup in Brussels Belgium

KathyB - female hookup

I'm always sexy dressed,
with everything you can dream of,
a beautiful set of lingerie,
short skirt, nylons,
a pair of pumps and
sometimes even without underwear.
But if you want so,
I can be your formal dressed girlfriend
I love to take care of you and
if you do the same for me,
then we climb together
in to the seventh heaven.
The ones who know me
are calling me a hot bunny.
I'm available 7/7 10:00am > 10:00 pm
My rate for Brussels is 225 Euro for the first hour.

 Belgium,  Brussels
Phone: +32478503049
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Name:  KathyB
Gender:  female
Hair Color:  blonde
Hair Style:  short
Age:  46
Height:  5'8'' (172 cm)
Weight:  137 lbs (62 kg)
Bust:  37D (95 cm)
Waist:  29'' (75 cm)
Hips:  37'' (95 cm)
Body:  thin
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Specialty:  girlfriend, bisexual
Available To:  men, women, couples
Availability:  incall, outcall
Affiliation:  independent

KathyB - female independent hookup

KathyB - female independent hookup