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AARIANNA VALENTINA - independent female hookup in Milan Italy

AARIANNA VALENTINA - female hookup

My name is Aarianna Valentina and I provide sensual bodywork services in Milan - Tantra Massage, Oriental Erotic Massage, Bondassage, Prostate Massage... Relax and enjoy in the magical touch of skilled hands.

 Italy,  Milan
Phone: 391100110011001
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Gender:  female
Hair Color:  brunette
Hair Style:  long
Age:  25
Height:  5'5'' (166 cm)
Weight:  110 lbs (50 kg)
Bust:  35C (90 cm)
Waist:  24'' (61 cm)
Hips:  35'' (90 cm)
Body:  petite
Ethnicity:  Caucasian
Specialty:  masseuse
Available To:  men, women
Availability:  outcall
Affiliation:  independent

AARIANNA VALENTINA - female independent hookup

AARIANNA VALENTINA - female independent hookup