Discover the best ways to get laid with VIP call girls or elite personals online. Pros and cons of adult dating for sex-positive singles and couples seeking casual affairs.

On various VIP escort sites and elite hookup blogs, we used see hot girls who seem to beg us order their naughty companionship. Finally, this year and further, most of them look trendy

VIP Sexy Elite Women
Hot Elite Singles

Indeed, modern call girls and thots have changed a lot, both physically and mentally. They’re slowly gaining their pride, independence, their own style, and their very special chic. 

Maybe we all needed to see easy women from this beneficial side, for a better understanding and appreciation. The time has passed and they developed new skills, new views to our total surprise. 

The best VIP hookup apps 

Girls presented on modern sites, their real stories reveal another side of adult dating. It is touching and exciting, encouraging, and inspirational. We learn that escort women can be our equals. 

Only a few westerners who place high positions, are seeking very pricey elite hookups. Others have average lifestyle, and that’s why they need a classy lady overnight or for an hour to raise the quality.  

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Best Vip Hookup Apps

Good knowledge always brings us more chances, and adult dating blogs have this purpose exactly. Find the VIP girl you deserve, not just the chick you could be ok with

  • Private Delights 
  • Elite Singles
  • MillionaireMatch
  • Secret Benefits
  • The League

There are elite escorts who sell their time for bigger money, and trophy lovers who just chose to be sugar babies. Both kinds of mentalities are unique and require some extra preparation and learning. 

It takes time to adapt to a VIP lover if you have dealt only with simple gals before. But most of their personal traits and skills are advantageous, we just need to catch that right. 

Pros and cons of VIP hookups

You’ll quickly see that young girls other guys are complaining about, who are after shopping only, are no more than Bimbos. It does not characterize VIP adult dating at all

True elite ladies know how to present themselves in the most profitable way, making a man want to reward them by any means. It especially comes to perfect HE masseuses in elite parlors

Elite MP sites success rate, %


It’s human’s instinctive desire to choose high quality in all areas of life. We feel much more comfortable wearing natural well-designed clothes, shoes, eating qualitative high-nutritional food. 

Add the idea of prestige to this definition of comfort. Prestige is when we own something visually aesthetic, with impressive shapes and furnishing, and other people respect us more for that. 

Isn’t it the same with a hot refined girl we hook up? The difference is that others respect us more there’s a special aura of quality around us, especially connected with sexual satisfaction. 

Many successful businessmen admit they wouldn’t be that inspired to reach their goals if not stunning sex companions beside them, brilliant in all ways. So why not join the club of those lucky guys. 

How to have VIP hookups free 

Adult dating a high-end girl is never completely free unless you’re a handsome cub seeking a wealthy cougar or sugar momma. By the way, this kind of search is also possible in developing countries. 

All one should do if he’s under 40, good-looking, has flexible ethics, is making his thorough research at the elite clubs of big cities. He may find his perfect elite momma quickly on hookup apps, too. 

  1. CougarLife
  2. SugarBook
  3. Ashley Madison
  4. Seeking Arrangement
  5. My Cougar
  6. CMAD

As to the same-age hookups, there are also options allowing to decrease expenses. The easiest way is to get laid with a foreign call girl who is already in your country or city. There are plenty, in fact. 

VIP Hookup Tutorial
How Have VIP Hookup

There is a strong Ukrainian/Russian diaspora in Canada, US, UK, Australia, not talking about young female students. Thus, you don’t spend on inviting a model-looking girl or her travel expenses. 

Some free adult dating sites are helping to meet foreign providers who have already relocated. Since they know exactly what they want from a western guy, the whole pickup process goes smoothly. 

Top kinks to try on VIP hookup apps 

Vanilla sex can be great, but the complete satisfaction comes from kinks and fetishes. Plus, plenty of men are ordering call girls just to try new things. So what are the dos and don’ts of VIP providers? 

  • BDSM in its light form is very popular among escorts, especially after success of the movie Fifty shadows of grey. Many are skilled in that and others are curious to try. 
  • Role playing is typical for elite lovers too, especially the daddy – baby roles. Don’t forget call girls are often submissive and may genuinely adore when a guy takes initiative. 
  • Sex in public is less common. But some particular places are almost a guarantee that she’ll accept this idea, such as the beach patio or the private lodge of some theatre.
  • Costume parties are almost the must for elites. Hotwives adore pretending they’re strangers to you when getting laid and flirting with others in your presence. It excites.

About other non-vanilla types of intimacy, such as threesomes, swinger swap, or heavy BDSM, one should ask personally each girl he orders. Otherwise, there can be misunderstandings. 

VIP Hookup Kinks
Best Kinks To Try On Hookup

Specialists say, most high-end girls have nearly no taboos. One can enjoy a full program with them in a bed without being worried about negative stereotypes, dogmas, or stigmatic views.

Best elite adult dating apps 

Psychologists and sex therapists are always repeating to us we shouldn’t lower our standards, and it comes to everything, nutrition, household, lifestyle. Get laid with someone who matches you.

Elite Adult Dating Apps
Adult Dating Apps


Sexy girls of high style are proven to be the best lovers. They have a better developed sensuality than a chick with lower standards. Also, they’re affectionate and enjoy sex to its most intense. 

Luxury Dating App
Luxy Hookup App

Find one of them, or as many as you like on this VIP adult app with great features and a helpful blog. You’ll have the best moments with hot ladies and organize your hookup in the smartest way. 


Elite adult dating is an art everyone can afford. At least, if they are using the great platform with the hottest girls worldwide and mature women. A big number of success stories is a good motivation

Sexy Women On Raya App
Raya Sexy Women

Pros and cons of VIP hookups become obvious if to meet new personals regularly and establish the brightest affairs with them, casually or long-term. Try flirting on this highly recommended app.

Millionaires Club 

Affordable high-end models, they’re gathered on this best adult dating app for sex chatting and real meetings. Trendy design, friendly interface, various features are making one’s search exclusive. 

Dating App For Millionares
Millionares Club App

All VIP hookup experts are saying as one, this platform is effective for all picky seekers. Gorgeous hotties and elite singles are responding quickly, with genuine enthusiasm

Beautiful People

Sex and romance in big cities have never been easier to find. Perfect VIP matches are suggested automatically, but also can be chosen manually with the help of improved search filters. 

Beautiful Women For Hookup
Beautiful Women Online

A great and detailed adult dating blog is a great benefit that plays an important informational role. You’ll learn everything about beautiful sugar babies, their interests, likes, wishes, and subculture

The Inner Circle

Arrange your best sex vacation with the help of this top hookup site. A huge base of VIP female members, original and unique options, wide possibilities of the chat and video are waiting for you. 

Dating For vacation
Inner Circle Dating

The majority of male users rate this platform very high and report their hot success stories. Take a chance too and meet the sexiest sugar models, motivated to meet as soon as possible.

Top reasons to use VIP hookup apps 

The main reason why we hook up elite escorts, is their extreme sexiness. Stunning hotties of the exotic origin differ from model-looking girls in the West, they are rather humble and committed.

Apps To Get Laid
Vip Sexy Women Apps

Sometimes men say, it’s the unreal combination of sex appeal and great values, it seems incompatible but it exists on VIP apps. It creates so many success stories we all admire and like to read. 

Elite adult apps response rate, 2021

OnlyFans 96%
MegaPersonals 87%

Since high-end escort ladies have much fewer negative qualities than their peers, we need to develop a more refined attitude and behavior as well. It really helps establish a good connection. 

Adult dating blogs reveal the fact that VIP call girls are horny, but in another way than average escorts. When they really like a person, they express themselves freely as the wildest lovers. 

Such a service as girlfriend experience, may be given with the discount and with time, for free. Not to talk about high-end thots who aren’t charging at all for their splendid companionship. 

Best hookup tips for VIP escort ordering 

Adult dating experts never stop repeating, politeness is the key in a casual affair with VIP girl, especially if it’s the first visit. In fact, they enjoy being treated right, nearly like the girlfriends. 

The American style of communication with brief greetings when a client isn’t really interested in the girl’s well-being, won’t work with VIP models. They got used to a more profound talk. 

A Turkish style is too naughty for them, and an Indian or Chinese style when a man asks for a girl’s phone number instantly, is considered too tricky. Be gallant, fair, and detailed with them. 

Tips To Order Best Escort Women
Order Escort Tips

At the same time, these hot escort girls are genuinely sexy and love flirting in the messenger or real life if they feel a man is decent. They constantly send frank selfies, so this part is equal to dating. 

  1. Tinder Select
  2. Mashable
  3. WhatsYourPrice
  4. RentAFriend
  5. TourBar

Elite girls divide into two main categories, those who fall for businessmen and those who fall for the art folks. There are plenty of intelligent and refined ladies in escort service who prefer this type.

The ability to discuss freely such complicated topics as politics, cinematography, design, is typical both for VIP call girls and their clients. Yet, fancy kinks and fetishes play a huge role too

What is hookup culture about

Since the 2000s, adult dating grows more and more popular in the West and developing countries. Progressive girls and businesswomen gladly attend workshops on being sex-positive. 

There are multiple adult dating apps and anonymous hookup sites with open-minded lovers online. Girls are even ok to use webcams for virtual sex no matter how modest their upbringing was. 

Adult Women For Dating
Women’s Hookup Culture

Although it develops slower in conservative countries, the tendency is strong. So, a sex-positive single may easily find a satisfying affair in Asia or Eastern Europe, without former taboos or boundaries. 

But even these girls who are users of adult dating platforms, remain very sweet and fresh unless they work as webcam models professionally, for years. They expect a lot of respect, too. 

  • CamsRoulette ★★★
  • Shagle ★★★★★
  • Chaturbate ★★★★
  • Flingster ★★★
  • ThotsLive ★★★★

Anonymous adult dating is mostly used by successful ladies who even don’t mind to find a handsome toyboy or an equal match, and by single mothers who don’t want any local rumor around. 

Top VIP hookup platforms work perfectly and are often combined with adult dating blogs, opening people’s mind and bringing free couples together. One can confidently take a chance as well. 

Lots of beautiful women in developing countries prefer exactly adult dating, since their sexual potential remains unrealized with locals and they are impatient to finally express themselves fully. 

It’s also convenient for you since you aren’t spending weeks or even months on courting a girl you like. Instead, you get laid instantly, right at the moment when you reach a girl’s borough or country.  

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